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TEAM cycles use only Wattbikes for a number of reasons.

Quality of ride

Quality of data

Wattbikes are accessible and easy to use by year 6 (age 10) up to Senior Citizens. With the right set up and instruction a wide cross-section of the community can engage with the activities.

We find we can deliver a variety of outcomes

    • Energy efficiency – by displaying the watts produced we can illustrate the effort required to power a light bulb (or a number of low-energy bulbs), a TV or microwave. This tangible effort makes discussions on energy efficiency very real and personal.
    • Nutrition – by displaying the number of joules used we can illustrate the effort required to use energy that has been ingested. Children are fascinated by the relationship between effort and energy, adults are often shocked!
    • Pedalling efficiency – by displaying the cadence and polar view we can coach improved pedalling efficiency for new, improving or experienced cyclists. This session can be combined and used as the warm-up for Energy Efficiency and/or Nutrition sessions.
    • Head-to-head racing – What a buzz! Wattbike racing is high adrenaline, high power fun! We set up a group of up to ten Wattbikes and run races indoors, without the hassle of rain, cold, or traffic.
    • Power Cycling sessions – Every member of the Power Cycling class can see their individual performance data on their own personal Wattbike Performance Monitor and on a large display screen. It features the ability to display all the important training parameters for each individual in the class and even display which training zone they are in. The key parameters of Power (Watts) or Speed, Heart Rate (bpm) and Cadence (rpm) – and much more – allowing each member of the class to be exercising at the correct intensity to maximise fitness improvements.
    • Inter-school competitions – Why organise staff, children, transport, bikes, venue and paperwork, when we can set up Wattbike or Concept 2 rowing races in your sports hall at a time to suit your curriculum? Accessible, fun and healthy, these events are perfect for engaging both the lower years enthusiasm and the higher years who risk dropping out of active sports.