TEAMcycles were the first company in the world to achieve Accredited Power Cycling Instructor status.

Wattbike Power Cycling Software is the ground breaking free software that will transform individual training, group cycling and indoor racing. It allows users to display their accurate performance data on a screen whilst viewing the revolutionary pedalling technique analysis functions of the Wattbike.

Once an individual’s data is entered into the software the Wattbike Power Cycling Software stores all their sessions, and applies their own training zones to each subsequent training session. Each session can then be reviewed, printed or sent to the Wattbike Logbook. Tracking improvement in fitness has never been easier.

Every member of  the Wattbike Power Cycling class can see their individual performance data on their own personal Wattbike Performance Monitor and on a large display screen. It features the ability to display all the important training parameters for each individual in the class and even display which training zone they are in. The key parameters of Power (Watts) or Speed, Heart Rate (bpm) and Cadence (rpm) – and much more – allowing each member of the class to be exercising at the correct intensity to maximize fitness improvements.

Wattbike Power Cycling Software features

  • Real time monitoring of performance data every single pedal revolution
  • Display for each class member individual
  • Power output (in Watts)
  • Speed
  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Cadence (rpm)
  • Training Zones
  • Recall, print or download to wattbike logbook of class and individual data
  • Tracking of fitness improvement

The software has three distinct sections, Individual, Race and Group.

One of the possible displays

Wattbike power cycling race display