TEAMcycles have worked with commercial organisations, such as BskyB, British Airways, EMCOR UK, Mazak UK, Monier Redland, Joju Solar, Games Workshop, Halfords, Jaguar Land Rover, Skoda, VAG, Pepsico, Coca Cola, Skoda UK, AVIOS, NATS, Prudential, GSK, GASCO (UAE), Royal Dutch Shell, Skanska, CitiBank, Deutsche Bank, Carphone Warehouse, UCBpharma, RedBull, Huawei,, BBC, Muller Wiseman and ASDA to help deliver corporate events for customers, employees or employees families.

Family Fun Days and Corporate days are popular with companies. We provide Wattbikes, Concept2 Rowers and SkiErgs and can run head-to-head or leader-board competitions, pedaling efficiency and energy related sessions. For example, EMCOR UK use TEAMcycles to deliver informative energy efficiency at their many managed sites in the UK, Shell do the same in the Middle East. The relationship between energy use and energy production is graphically illustrated when it is you producing the power!

We have the ability to map your teams progress, showing individual and group effort. We can run a concurrent leaderboard to show results from multiple sites.






We worked with EMCOR UK on a three week tour of facilities running a Wattbike challenge for employees, clients and suppliers.

We worked with The Games Workshop to help promote their Sustainable Transport initiatives.








TEAMcycles work with various companies to help promote their products. The Wattbikes are an excellent draw to your stand, take up little valuable space and clients have seen significantly increased footfall when Wattbike activities are being run.








Sky/BskyB:  In 2010 to 2013 we worked with BskyB delivering planned activities such as Wattbike challenges at the Supply Chain family days, as part of Sky’s Bigger Picture initiative. Sky want their people to get on their bikes. Their research shows that 49% of Sky People are lapsed or occasional cyclists, and they have set a target of getting 25% more Sky People cycling regularly by 2013. TEAMcycles also represented Team Sky Pro Cycling at the Sky Ride City events in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

TEAMcycles worked closely with Monier Redland and TGV Design to help deliver a successful EcoBuild show stand at the ExCel in March 2012. The use of Wattbikes and the Power Cycling software reinforced the exacting design parameters for Redlands PV Solar Panels and hooks by challenging attendees to test their speed, power and stamina on the Wattbikes.









Why is cycling an important consideration for businesses?

According to the LSE document “The British Cycling Economy”:

“The UK leads Europe in the number of sick days taken each year, with 225m days estimated to have been taken in 2010 at a cost of £17b. This equates to around £600 per employee per annum, and an average of 7.7 days per person. The cost of absence per employee appears to rise in line with the size of the organisation. Minor illnesses such as colds and flu are reported by 95 per cent of employees as being the cause of their short-term absence from the workforce. Cycling could be an ideal means of reducing this, with research highlighting its role in the promotion of a healthier individual and workforce: “Cycling to work is associated with less all-cause sickness absence. The more often people cycle to work and the longer the distance travelled, the lower the absenteeism. Mean absenteeism in cyclists is significantly lower than in non-cyclists.””

PDF of the report HERE

We will discuss up to 10% discount for organisations who are using TEAMcycles Wattbike events to help promote Sustainable Travel initiatives.