TEAMcycles are Accredited Watttbike Instructors and were the first company in the world to become Accredited Power Cycling Instructors.

The Wattbike offers the ability to improve the experience of your gym members. Whether they are riding to get fit, improve performance, test fitness or as part of a group cycling class, we have a Wattbike to suit.

The Wattbike Pro is perfect for testing and personal training for top end athletes, whilst the Wattbike Trainer is perfect for everyday use by everyone from children through to top endurance athletes, and for group cycling. The ability to accurately monitor each training session sets the Wattbike apart from all other indoor bikes and helps to maintain motivation as the rider can track their improvement session by session.

Give customers the true feel of cycling with a revolutionary exercise bike that motivates you to improve. The monitor offers you intelligent training by showing real-time heart-rate, power and leg speed information. Endorsed by British Cycling, Wattbikes attract and retain cycling and triathlon enthusiasts to any establishment.

Wattbikes are easy to connect up and run races and group sessions using a large screen. Instructors and riders can see their progress on a big screen including cadence, power and heart-rate. Using the real-feel of the Wattbike, and training with the accurate data, group cycling has never offered so much for keen cycling groups and newcomers alike.

No other bike gives so much training information for such an affordable price. Training programme are easy to create, perform and evaluate using the Wattbike. An ideal tool for personal trainers. The patented left-right leg power screen mean that personal trainers can use the Wattbike data to focus on rider fitness, injury recovery and to correct imbalances in leg power.