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We run healthy lifestyle activities for Health Authorities, however this is not just about exercise, nutrition and weight loss. Clients are often willing to take on board the changes required to their lifestyle and are engaged with receiving information about their current power and their energy exertion. We also focus on pedalling technique, bike setup and general cycling support. This enables clients to take away a toolkit of positive changes to apply in real life. As keen cyclists, bike mechanics and cycling coach/instructors, we can support your clients in making positive moves to improved health in a practical and achievable manner.

Decade of Better Health, Nottingham

Firemen test their peak power at a Nottingham NHS Decade of Better Health Promotion day



Why is cycling an important factor in health?

According to the LSE document “The British Cycling Economy”:

“The UK leads Europe in the number of sick days taken each year, with 225m days estimated to have been taken in 2010 at a cost of £17b. This equates to around £600 per employee per annum, and an average of 7.7 days per person. The cost of absence per employee appears to rise in line with the size of the organisation. Minor illnesses such as colds and flu are reported by 95 per cent of employees as being the cause of their short-term absence from the workforce. Cycling could be an ideal means of reducing this, with research highlighting its role in the promotion of a healthier individual and workforce: “Cycling to work is associated with less all-cause sickness absence. The more often people cycle to work and the longer the distance travelled, the lower the absenteeism. Mean absenteeism in cyclists is significantly lower than in non-cyclists.””


NICE has published a report promoting the health benefits of cycling and walking HERE.